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Super First Graders

Super First Graders

We are more than ready to start a new chapter with our first graders, and what better way to do it than with superpowers? This is the year to discover their most amazing superpower: being themselves.

This is the incredible thing about children: they are capable of everything, and with our amazing English books and with the help of our super friends: Thunder, Flash, Whisper, and Misty. This year will be filled with amazing adventures, challenges, projects, tasks, obstacles, etc. They will be able to overcome everything in a fun, creative, and learning way.

They will discover their unique abilities and realize they have superpowers because our children are capable of whatever they set their minds to, learning to accept everyone and realizing they are unique.

First graders are full of superpowers and ready to have the best year ever.

Lorena González R.
First grade Tutor

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