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The school has a medical department, in charge of Dr. Ma. Luisa Parra, who is at the service of the students throughout the school day, for any illness, injury, or emergency that may occur. The medical department is conceived as primary care and first aid service, and at no time it is intended to function as a pediatric consultation.

At different times during the student’s school stage, the center will make available to parents a medical file that you must complete or update appropriately and that contains relevant information for the individual care of each of the students. It is the responsibility of the parents to deliver it duly signed, completed, and within the stipulated deadlines.

In the event that there is a need to supply any type of medication during school hours to a student, a written request (in the agenda or email) signed by the student’s parent expressly authorizing this must be sent to the Doctor.  Indicating the name of the medicine, the period of time and the dose to be administered.

The Medical Department is not allowed to supply any type of medication without following the procedure described above.

Also, due to the danger that this process, students are not allowed to keep medication in their possession, either in their lockers or on their desks.

It is also the function of the medical department to guide students, parents, and teachers, through talks, colloquia, and presentations, in matters related to school preventive medicine and the health of students.

Because the health of your children comes first, it is essential to update the student’s medical record and the school will greatly appreciate all the information you provide, as well as constant communication, and on paper, with the personnel of this department.

All the communications that you receive from the medical department of the school, in relation to the health of your children is for informational purposes only, so the center always advises seeking the opinion of an external specialist.

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