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The Library

The Library and Multimedia areas at our school were created to offer our students and teachers a room where they can have access to a series of bibliographic, audiovisual, and technological resources. This way, our school community can do research, develop a class project, or simply enjoy reading a book.

The Library aims to give each student the proper tools to develop their abilities, giving them access to the latest sources of information. We intend that each student, while at school, acquires and improves Research skills. As a result, once in university or a working environment, one can use not only the knowledge but also the capacity to have access to updated and relevant information, key skills in a competitive society.

As part of the technological resources, the Library is equipped with desk computers that our students and teachers can use. These computers are a perfect complement for the modern world necessities and to ease the research activities. However, we consider the book to be an essential part of the Library, and it would be a mishap to leave it aside and not encourage its use because we find it easier to use an electronic device. In the Library, you will find, among other things, a collection of masterpieces of the World Literature that our students and their families can borrow and enjoy at home using their Student’s ID.

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