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The importance of Preschool Education is that children reach their full potential and for that they need to have stimulating and adequate experiences in early childhood. For that potential to unfold, our  classrooms are a place where environments are set to be dynamic, we encourage play, discovery and exploration.

Early childhood emotional education is really important, so we teach children to control and manage their emotions and we work as a team with families and with our school’s psychologist. By working on emotions in class we make students more motivated and we help them with educational development in a positive way.

Learning the English language is a fundamental axis in our school, with a fully bilingual kindergarten, promoting in our students an international thinking, with the principle of globalization, articulating the different areas that make up its curriculum so that this education allows it to advance according to the needs and demands of today’s society.

Our active, cheerful, playful and imaginative methodology stimulates children’s creativity and ability to observe, providing great results.

And thanks to the privileged location in the middle of nature, and the extensive facilities, students have different resources such as an orchard, where they can investigate and discover personally the natural environment that surrounds them, thus promoting environmental education.

Our constant concern for the well-being, evolutionary development and learning of our students, make this center a quality educational reference.


To provide students with life experiences, meaningful learning, consolidating oral and written expression to educate with joy and freedom are the main objectives pursued by Elementary Education.

The use of a larger number of teaching and technological resources will facilitate the internalization of knowledge for children and will give them time and opportunity to participate and be protagonists of their own learning.

 Using SmartBoards and iPads as devices that dynamize the learning process and bring it closer to the students’ new lifestyle.

 At this stage, children continue with the extensive study of the English language and other subjects of the curriculum are taught in this language.


The SEK methodology gives the necessary opportunity for a students`  natural development,  by strengthening their abilities of understanding  the causes of scientific and cultural changes, which,  in their turn, always have a great impact on  humans, by acquiring  the sense of responsibility in order to fulfill  the requirements that their future lives may set for them , by getting the skills to correctly  use their native languages in both oral and written forms and  reach  a high level of comprehension and fluency in their second languages , by mastering  the mathematical abstractions and encouraging  the discovery  of their  identities, by  basing  on  values ​​which exalt  the  humans   and   always show the undisputable effect on them.

General Secondary Education

  • Spanish
  • Mathematics
  • Universal history
  • Tutoring and Mentoring
  • Geography general
  • Civics
  • Biology

Introduction to Biology, the physics and chemistry


  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Conversation

Artistic Expression and Appreciation:

  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Physical education
  • Swimming
  • Technologic education:
    • Computing
  • Dance, or Taekwondo Basketball
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