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Guarantee of Education

Our children are the priority to all. That is why the School has created a series of systems that guarantee their future, stability, and education continuity in order to face a possible eventuality. For this reason, in the case of one of their parent’s passing, our students can continue and end their studies in the school in which they are enrolled. In some exceptional cases, and with a motivated justification, a request to the President of Institución Internacional SEK could be made to continue and end their studies in a SEK school located in another place.

The next is a summary of the supplementary service that the School offers to all of its students:

Titleholder: will be the mother or father of the student who signs as the titleholder of the Guarantee of Education in the Annual Enrollment Form. The age limit is 60 years old.

Beneficiaries: these are the students who are enrolled in School and dependent on the titleholder at the moment of the passing.

Coverage: the Guarantee of Education is a supplementary service that the School offers as part of the fee and it covers exclusively the fare of such fee and the School Food service during the current School Year.

These benefits can be used once the family notifies the passing of the Titleholder and only until the end of the School Year. Under any circumstance, the Guarantee of Education can be used in a school that does not belong to the SEK Institution. The Guarantee of Education is not liable to economic valuation of any kind in case of a cause of force majeure that causes the interruption of the service.

The Guarantee of Education will be given after a prior analysis of the circumstances and individual characteristics, for which the School could request any information considered convenient.

Exclusion clause. The following are situations in which the benefits mentioned before will not be granted:

In case of a severe disease of the Titleholder that is present at the moment of the student’s enrollment. The School reserves the right to value the status of a pre-existent disease.

In case of payment inconsistencies at School when the Titleholder has passed away.

When the Educational contract between the Titleholder and the School is not into effect or if by the end of the School Year the Titleholder has not renewed the contract for the next year.

In case of the Titleholder not being able to prove his / her birthright or legal representation of the enrolled student.

The School reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the benefits, coverage, and exclusion clause of the service, letting the Guarantee of Education service titleholders know on time.

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