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The Importance Of Teaching A Second Language Through Our Students’ Culture

The Importance of Teaching a Second Language Through Our Students’ Culture

When it comes down to teaching a second language, it is indispensable to consider that our students will have more confidence in expressing themselves if we encourage them to talk and learn more about their own culture and other countries’ cultures.

In the classroom through October and November, the students worked and enjoyed various activities centred around «Día de Muertos» and Halloween, which are festivities of great importance in both Mexico and the U.S.A., respectively. Rather than focusing on the diligent accuracy of our students’ speaking skills alone, these activities were more focused on our students’ communicative skills.

One example of these activities was when we asked our students to make a skull mask and draw with decorations that reminded them of the festivity. After this, the students would create a letter to a friend from another country, explaining what «Día de Muertos» means to them.

Another example is when we had the school’s costume party; the students were asked to tell us a little about their costumes before the contest. Although there were some vocabulary challenges, their excitement to talk about them was palpable.

As teachers, one of our primary goals is to make our students feel confident in their abilities to express themselves. And these festivities gave us the perfect opportunity to allow them to have fun while gaining that confidence.

Eduardo Andrei Razo
3.° Grade English Teacher

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